Everything Informational About Custom Parade Banners

Parades are a great way to showcase your brand or organization, and custom parade banners can significantly make your presence felt. Who doesn’t love a parade? Parades are an excellent opportunity to show the world your identity and societal value.

But to get the message spread, you need custom parade banners. A parade banner is a huge banner that many people at waist level can lift. Or it can be carried by more than two or at least two people on poles. A good parade banner brings a lot of attention to parades or events.

History of Parade Banners

Parade banners have a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. They have been used by various cultures and civilizations around the world for different purposes, ranging from religious and ceremonial to military and political.

Like any other commodity, the history of parade banners dates back to the ancient period. The banner system was invented in 1601 by Manchu leader Nurhaci (1559-1626), who organized his fighters, warriors, or comrades into four groups of 300. It is astonishing to find out that the parade banners have such a vast and interesting history that states its emergence and how far they have come.

Types & Sizes of Parade Banners

Let’s start with the different types of custom parade banners; the following are some of them-

  • Union banners
  • Banners for advocacy
  • Campaign banners
  • Sporting event banners

Some factors are important to consider for choosing the right size for a parade banner. 

Sizes of Parade Banners

The height of the adjustable hanging banner, concerning the banners’ height, is the most important issue to consider. For example, if the banner in the children’s parade is four feet high, the children in the parade must lift it above their head level for the entire parade.

  • For parade use, the most demanded size is 30 inches high and 6 feet wide
  • Larger widths of 8 or 10 feet long and 36 inches high are also popular

All the above-mentioned size options ensure enough space for your design and are large enough for spectators to look at or read your design.

Best and Right Material for Creating Parade Banner

Now that you have understood how to choose the right type and size of parade banners, it would be easier for you to create your own custom banner. Additionally, knowing the appropriate material to design a parade banner is important. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best materials –

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is a good option for parade banners and is perfect for not-so-frequent usage. The design of the banner made with vinyl is crystal clear and bright.

  • Lightweight material
  • Effortless to clean with an easy wipe
  • Storage is easy; roll it up until the next parade

Vinyl is the most cost-effective banner type available.

  • Fabric

The fabric material is ideal if you will be using the parade banners for future events. Moreover, the fabric is more durable than a vinyl parade banner. The fabric material is your best option because you can fold and wash when needed, so if you join parades on a regular basis, a fabric material is your perfect option.

The design and colors are printed clearly and explicitly, and the fabric is super lightweight, which makes them smooth to transport and store. Another benefit of fabric banners is machine washability. With the use of a fabric banner, the print colors are shiny and vibrant, and the color palette is unlimited. For any business or organization that requires a parade banner on a regular basis, this is a tremendous option.

  • Sewn Applique

Sewn appliqué is an attractive work of design & art, and they look stunning; however, the designs are limited, which means that you are limited in how many colors you can choose from. It is because of the fact that everything has to be sewn manually, with hands. It means that the choice of colors will depend on the materials presently available to your dealer. Also, sewn appliqués are not pocket-friendly compared to vinyl or fabric. You will also find that the turnaround time for such material types can be weeks instead of just a few days.

Factors to Consider Before Designing

Before placing your custom banner order, there are three essential factors you need to consider; let’s have a look-

  • Application

The type of banner you choose will depend on the place and time you display your custom parade banner.

  • Size

Mostly the banners are widely available in two sizes, which are 2 feet by 2 feet (small) and 20 feet by 100 feet (large). It would be best to have a basic idea of the size you want before placing an order.

  • Timeframe

The deadline for the banners’ requirement will determine the banner type you must order, as some types get printed more quickly than others.

  • Aesthetics

Determine the printing quality that must align with your banner creation goals.

Parade Banners – Must for a Successful Parade

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you in any way possible. Custom parade banners continue to be an essential part of a parade, serving as a means of communication and visual expression. By designing your custom parade banners, you can get your message out and connect with people who share your values and beliefs.